Türkisblaue Lagune vor der Insel Saint Marie

Pirate island off Madagascar's east coast

Where tropical idyll meets real sailor's yarn: Sainte Marie is your happy place in the Indian Ocean. The small island with its paradisiacal palm beaches is located just a few kilometers from the east coast of Madagascar. Dense mangrove forests line the island, which is only 50 kilometers long, and rushing waterfalls and rivers run through the lush greenery. Famous privateers turned Sainte Marie into a pirate's nest in the 18th century and left their mark - to this day.

The melody of the seas tells many more stories. Of humpback whales from the distant Antarctic and sweet beach life in the shade of coconut palms. Write your own chapter and discover Sainte Marie as an exclusive travel destination!

Written by: Dana Leidel Last updated at: June 4, 2024
Karte auf der die Insel Saint Marie markiert ist

Best time to travel

The best time to visit Saint Marie Island is between April and November.













The best time to travel to Sainte Marie

Thanks to its warm and humid tropical climate with average daily temperatures of around 29 degrees Celsius, Sainte Marie is a year-round vacation destination. The dry season between April and November is peak season. You can look forward to up to nine hours of sunshine a day and pleasant water temperatures of over 25 degrees Celsius. Nightly rainfall allows the mangrove forests to flourish.

The months of July to September are ideal for whale watching. The rainy season between December and March is characterized by heavy rainfall with some sunny spells.

Saint Marie: Natur und Tierwelt

Madagascar is internationally renowned for its endemic animal and plant species such as lemurs and orchids. You can discover other special features in the Cap Sainte Marie nature reserve on the southern tip of the island. Whether mouse lemurs with their cute beady eyes, sand iguanas or turtles: get up close and personal with the island's animal inhabitants.

Spectacular: The dance of the whales

The migration of humpback whales into the strait between Madagascar's main island and Sainte Marie is a seasonal event. Maritime festivals accompany the annually recurring natural spectacle in the summer months of July to September. The giant marine mammals travel over 6,00 kilometers from their Antarctic home waters to the Malagasy coast. From the mating rituals to the birth and rearing of the young, animal lovers can follow the humpback whales during their stay.

The whale watching tours offered locally are all about ecotourism. Certified operators organize the boat trips in such a way that the whales and other marine animals remain undisturbed.

Ein majestätischer Buckelwal springt aus dem tiefblauen Wasser des Ozeans, wobei große Spritzer entstehen.

Sandy beaches and bays

Sand as fine as powdered sugar in front of a turquoise blue sea: Sainte Marie's palm-lined beaches offer picture-postcard romance. They look so natural and untouched that inner peace comes naturally here. The shallow lagoon invites you to snorkel in the crystal-clear water. Sheltered bathing bays take you back to the golden age of piracy. Just close your eyes and listen to the secrets of the waves!

Eine große Gruppe von Seevögeln erhebt sich in die Luft über einem kleinen Sandstrand auf einer Insel.

Île Sainte-Marie - Madagascar's hidden gem. This enchanting island beckons with palm-fringed beaches, crystal-clear waters and historic pirate hideaways. Immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater world, experience the grace of the humpback whales and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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