Anja Sterker

Anja Sterker is a passionate Africa expert who discovered her first great love for this diverse continent during a two-month trip from Kenya to South Africa right after graduating from high school. With an impressive professional background in tourism and event management and a special focus on sustainable travel, Anja brings a deep appreciation for the nature, wildlife and cultures of Africa to "Safai Memories". Her unique experiences and commitment to conservation make her a true ambassador for conscious and experiential travel through Africa.
Anja Sterker
Traveling to Africa not only opens our eyes to the beauty and diversity of nature, but also teaches us humility and gratitude. It is my heartfelt desire to share these experiences with our clients and help them forge their own unforgettable connection to this wonderful continent.

Experience & background

Since entering the travel industry in 2018, Anja has specialized in adventure travel in East Africa, the Republic of Congo, as well as some countries in Southern Africa. With regular trips to Africa since 2019, her wealth of experience includes safaris, gorilla trekking and the promotion of sustainable travel practices. Her deep respect for wildlife and commitment to animal conservation in Africa are the cornerstones of her work and expertise.

Personal life

Anja's love for Africa is deeply rooted in her personal philosophy and lifestyle. Her travels have taught her to appreciate life in all its facets and to find beauty in simplicity. Encounters with the last northern white rhinos and the magical moments of gorilla trekking are just some of the experiences that have shaped her life. Anja is convinced that traveling is not just an escape from everyday life, but an enrichment of the spirit. Her thirst for adventure and her ability to forge profound connections with the people and places she visits inspire anyone who feels the call of Africa in their heart.