Xugana Island Lodge | Desert & Delta Safaris

Xugana Island Lodge | Desert & Delta Safaris

Situated on an idyllic island on the edge of the Xugana Lagoon, Xugana Island Lodge is surrounded by the tranquil waters and diverse flora and fauna of the Okavango Delta. The Okavango Delta is a unique oasis of biodiversity in the heart of Africa and its year-round water channels make it an ideal destination for water-based safaris. Surrounded by magnificent, untouched nature in the seclusion of a private concession, Xugana Island Lodge is a place of relaxation and absolute privacy for discerning safari lovers. The luxurious camp is part of the Desert & Delta Safari Group, which operates a total of eight lodges in the region, spanning a variety of ecosystems. A stay at Xugana Island Lodge is ideal either separately or as part of a round trip through the fascinating Okavango Delta.


Only eight thatched chalets, each with a double room, are available to a maximum of 16 guests at Xugana Island Lodge. Seclusion and privacy combined with relaxed luxury are the top priorities on the island. The rooms are characterized by elegant safari décor, which is reflected in numerous furnishing details. The comfortable beds are romantically shrouded by mosquito nets and spacious en-suite bathrooms and a spacious private terrace provide room to relax and unwind. The chalets are raised above the ground on wooden decks and offer a unique view over the calm waters of the lagoon.
Innenansicht Suite der Xugana Lodge
Badezimmer der Xugana Lodge


The culinary offerings at Xugana Island Lodge are in no way inferior to the standards of a luxury safari camp. Whether at a sumptuous dinner on the spacious deck, around the romantic campfire or in the "boma" lounge, there are wonderful views over the tranquil Xugana Lagoon. Thanks to the open design and under the canopy of the surrounding ebony and mangosteen trees, nature is always close at hand. Around the well-equipped bar, comfortable safari chairs invite you to enjoy a sunset drink before dinner.
Gedeckter Tisch auf Veranda der Xugana Lodge
Loungebereich der Xugana Lodge mit gedecktem Tisch
Terrasse der Xugana Lodge mit Lagerfeuer


Xugana Island Lodge is idyllically situated in a private concession on the edge of the spectacular Xugana Lagoon, one of the most famous year-round waterholes in the Okavango Delta, Africa's largest and most impressive oasis. The Okavango River originates in the highlands of Angola but never reaches the sea, instead its immense volumes of water meander into the delta, forming countless lagoons, channels and islands before falling victim to the unquenchable thirst of the arid Kalahari.
Zwei Gäste auf Terrasse der Xugana Island Lodge


When the refreshing swimming pool in the middle of a lush garden in the heart of the island is not attracting guests to Xugana Island Lodge, numerous exploration tours await adventurous explorers. The private concession around the lodge offers everything that makes an authentic Okavango Delta safari. All tours are accompanied by professional guides. Gliding through the crystal-clear water in a motorboat or traditional mokoro canoe, you can marvel at the fascinatingly diverse fauna and flora of the ecosystem in the channels and lagoons. The wildness of nature can be experienced up close on guided hikes across the small surrounding islands. Night-time stalking and fishing trips can also be arranged on request. During the summer months in particular, birdwatchers get their money's worth when countless migratory birds come to the region to nest. A flying safari in a helicopter high above the Okavango Delta could also be a special highlight of your stay at Xugana Island Lodge.
Xugana Lodge car on a game drive in the grass
Gäste der Xugana Lodge auf Erkundungstour mit Guide

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