Küstenabschnitt mit Felsen und einer Stadt im Hintergrund

Where the desert meets the ocean

With its mixture of town, harbor, beach and desert, Swakopmund has a very special charm. While the cityscape is characterized by German colonial architecture with low houses, restaurants, cafés and small stores, the coast offers a rather quiet harbour hustle and bustle with a promenade and quaint stretches of beach. An impressive desert landscape is also not far away - there are dunes close to the city with magnificent views of the desert landscape.

Despite its central location on the coast, which holidaymakers prefer to use as a stopover on their journey from the south to the north, a longer stay in Swakopmund is well worthwhile. In addition to the diverse scenery, the town in western Namibia also offers a wide range of outdoor activities. You should bring a few days with you to explore every nook and cranny in and around Swakopmund and enjoy all the leisure activities on offer.

Written by: Dana Leidel Last updated at: April 5, 2024
Karten auf der Swakopmund markiert ist

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Discover the history, culture and sights around Swakopmund

The city is rich in interesting history, cultural sites and attractions. But anyone who thinks that's all there is to it is mistaken. There is also fabulous nature and a wealth of possible activities.

Colonial architecture with a German background

Towards the end of the 19th century, the stretch of coast around Swakopmund came under German ownership. An artificial harbor was built and a Hamburg shipping company took up freight traffic. A lighthouse still marks the coastal town today. Swakopmund is therefore considered the most German town in Namibia, which is reflected in the aforementioned German colonial architecture and German bakery and brewery products. However, even though many German-speaking people live here, they are a minority. Instead, the controversy between German and African style is fascinating.

Swakopmund has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing. In addition to the lighthouse and the beach promenade, it is also worth visiting the stylishly renovated railroad station or the district and local court. The Swakopmund Museum offers interesting facts about the history of the town and the nature of the country. The National Marin Aquarium of Namibia, on the other hand, tells the story of the Atlantic Ocean. The Woermannhaus, the oldest building in the town, is an art gallery and library in one. The icing on the cake is the tower, which offers a panoramic view of Swakopmund.

Old yellow building on the road from Swakopmund

Walvis Bay - a paradise for seabirds

About thirty kilometers south of Swakopmund lies the former whale bay Walvis Bay. In the past, this area was still rich in whales, but today they can only be seen from time to time. July is a good time for whale watching, although it is best to go out to sea by boat. Nevertheless, Walvis Bay is the most important seaport in Namibia. As the only deep-sea port, it is an important logistics hub. The fishing industry is also centered here.

The fish-rich waters also benefit the countless seabirds that flock to Walvis Bay for good reason. In addition to smaller fish, which are of interest to the seabirds, there are many worms, snails and crabs. The flamingos, pelicans, terns and countless other bird species are particularly happy about this. Seals also feel right at home here and even dolphins occasionally jump out of the waves.

Alter Leuchtturm auf einer sandigen Insel inmitten des Atlantiks

Sandwich Harbour - a natural spectacle with an adventurous journey

A little further south lies a small natural wonder: Sandwich Harbour. Bright blue sea, streaked with snow-white whitecaps, merges with gleaming golden sand that forms into artistic dunes. This overwhelming sight is almost like a painting. Even the journey there is a daring adventure: The masses of sand are only accessible during the day by a very experienced guide in a four-wheel drive vehicle. Alternatively, Sandwich Harbour can also be reached by boat from Walvis Bay.

Wüstenlandschaft trifft auf Ozean

The right balance when sandboarding

If you really want to work off some energy, you should try sandboarding: You can glide along the dunes on special sandboards. This works both standing up and lying down - two different types of sandboards are used for this. Newcomers are gently introduced to dune sports on slopes specially designed for beginners. Advanced skiers can look forward to more difficult sections of the slopes.

Ein Mädchen steht auf einem Sandboard und fährt die Sanddünen herab

Full speed ahead with the quad bike

Swakopmund's dunes can also be explored on a heavy vehicle. Guided quad bike tours provide an extra dose of adrenaline - and at the same time, adventurers can enjoy the beautiful landscape and its seemingly endless expanse.

Quadfahrer in der Wüste von Namibia

Exploring the Atlantic by boat

The boat tours are a little quieter. The starting points are the yacht or industrial harbor. Here you can experience the Atlantic almost up close and learn lots of interesting facts about the ocean on the spot.

Seehunde an der Küster von Namibia

Travelling in Swakopmund

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