Giraffe wandert durch die Wüstenlandschaft

Exclusive Namibia round trip

Fly-in and self-drive combination | Duration: 17 days

Best time to travel
April - November
Flight time
10.5h from Frankfurt a. M.
from 13.500 € per Person plus flights

Namibia - experience from the air and on land

On this round trip you will experience Namibia in all its facets. From almost deserted deserts to the wild coast and popular holiday destinations such as Swakopmund and the rock engravings in Damaraland. Discover the impressive landscape and wildlife on this trip by plane and by car.


Okonjima Luxury Bush Lodge Pirschfahrt mit Leoparden

Day 1 - 2

Start in the Okonjima private nature reserve

The Okonjima Private Nature Reserve is a special place in Namibia, not only because of its picturesque location between Windhoek and the Etosha National Park, but also because of its outstanding cheetah and leopard safaris. The area stretches over 200 square kilometres and offers a rich variety of natural beauty and wildlife.
The cheetah and leopard safaris are undoubtedly the main attractions of Okonjima. The reserve is renowned for its conservation efforts, particularly the study and protection of cheetahs and leopards. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in guided safaris where they have the chance to observe these majestic cats of prey in their natural environment and learn more about their way of life and conservation.
In addition, Okonjima offers a variety of other activities, including guided walks, bird watching, stargazing and visits to the nearby village.

Zwei Nashörner stehen an einem Wasserloch
© Ongava Lodge

Day 3 - 5

Onguma Game Reserve and the Etosha National Park

After your first stop in Okonjima, the journey continues towards Etosha National Park. Shortly before the entrance to the park, you turn off into the Onguma Game Reserve, where you will stay for the next few days.
Onguma Game Reserve is located on the eastern side of Etosha National Park and close to the Fisher Pan. Set off from Onguma on a guided game drive in the Etosha National Park or explore the park on your own in a hire car.
Take the time to explore the Onguma Game Reserve, which offers a rich variety of animal and bird species. From majestic predators such as lions, leopards and cheetahs to the impressive rhinos and an abundance of antelope species, the reserve seems to be a paradise for animal lovers.

Three lions lying together

Day 6 - 7

Discover the magic of the Ongava Game Reserve

Nach aufregenden Tagen rund um den Etosha Nationalpark geht die Fahrt heute weiter in ein weiteres privates Game Reserve - Ongava.
Das Ongava Game Reserve ist ein magischer Ort und bietet eine perfekt Mischung aus Abenteuer und Komfort in der afrikanischen Wildnis.
Hier haben Gäste die Möglichkeit Nashörner zu Fuß zu verfolgen sowie weitere Pirsch- und Naturfahrten zu unternehmen.

Felsformation in der Wüste

Day 8 - 9

Enjoy the wildlife of Damaraland

Damaraland is an impressive region with a very diverse landscape. From rocky regions dotted with fascinating rock formations to sand dunes; here in the dunes, which are part of the desert, is also home to the desert elephants that forage along the riverbeds and thus roam the area. In addition to the desert elephants, you will see many species of antelope but occasionally even cheetahs. The succulent vegetation that thrives in this arid environment adds to the fascination of this area and offers interesting insights into the adaptability of plants to extreme habitats.

Elefanten die in einer Reihe laufen

Day 10 - 12

Hoanib Valley

Hoanbi Valley is the area where Kaokoland meets the Skeleton Coast and is a unique natural paradise. The 270km long Hoanib River, one of Namibia's last water oases, provides a habitat for a multitude of endemic species. A full 75% of Namibia's endemic species are found here - including wild elephants, lions and rhinos.
The opportunity to undertake a variety of activities such as four-wheel drive routes, adventurous hikes, exploring huge sand dunes and rock formations as well as guided nature walks promises an unforgettable adventure in the midst of this breathtaking landscape.

Rock painting

Day 13 - 14

UNESCO World Heritage Site Twyfelfontain

Twyfelfontain ist ein Ort voller kultureller und historischer Bedeutung Mit über 2.000 Felsgravuren bietet es einen fazsinierenden Einblick in die prähistorische Kunst und in das Leben vergangener Zeiten in der Gegend. Einige der Gravuren sind schätzungsweise 6.000 Jahre alt. Seit 2007 ist Twyfelfontein UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe erklärt wurde, unterstreicht die Bedeutung dieses Ortes für das kulturelle Erbe nicht nur Namibias, sondern der gesamten Menschheit..

Old yellow building on the road from Swakopmund

Day 15 - 17

Savour the fresh sea air

After many days in the dry areas of Namibia, today we head for the coast. To Swakopmund. The town is rich in history and many corners still reflect the German colonial era. As the former gateway to South West Africa and an important harbour, the town played a decisive role in supplying the colony.
The old lighthouse, which is the symbol of Swakopmund, and the local history museum offer visitors a further opportunity to immerse themselves in the past and learn more about the history of the town and the region.
Swakopmund is also a centre of attraction as once again desert and sea meet directly here and between these extremes Swakopmund asserts itself and is not only internationally but also locally a popular place with a pleasant sea breeze in summer.

Wüstenlandschaft mit Bergen und Büschen

Day 18 - 20

The Skeleton Coast

Today you leave your hire car in Swakopmund and continue your journey by plane. You fly north along the coast towards the Skeleton Coast. The description of the Skeleton Coast as an inhospitable and rugged landscape with crescent dunes conveys an image of a wild and impressive environment. The epithet "land that God created out of anger" refers to the extreme and sometimes hostile nature of this region as perceived by the Bushmen.
But even in these extreme conditions, an endemic flora and fauna has developed - lone beach wolves roam around and seals can be found on the beaches in their droves.
The occasional shipwrecks along the coast add an extra touch of mystery and adventure to the area. All in all, the Skeleton Coast seems to be a landscape of breathtaking beauty and at the same time harsh ruthlessness that fascinates visitors with its wildness and uniqueness.

Desert landscape of the Namib Desert

Day 21 - 23

The dunes of Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft National Park is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and best-known attractions in Namibia. The imposing red dunes that surround this salt and clay pan make Sossusvlei a fascinating sight and a favourite destination for tourists from all over the world.
The enormous dimensions of the dunes, which can be up to 400 metres high, make the Sossusvlei a unique and impressive natural phenomenon. The red sand dunes not only provide a breathtaking backdrop for visitors, but are also home to an astonishing variety of plants and animals that have adapted to the extreme conditions of the desert

Luftaufnahme von einem erleuchteten Camp auf einem Hügel

Day 24 - 25

The breathtaking Sonop

Sonop: synonymous with a truly exquisite and unique retreat in the Namib Desert that transports guests back to a bygone era of elegance and luxury. The concept of recreating a refined British colonial experience from the 1920s gives the lodge a very special charm and aura of nostalgia.
The lodge is ingeniously built into the boulders and offers a spectacular view of the reserve. Sonop is a place where luxury, history and natural beauty blend together in perfect harmony to create an unforgettable experience in the Nambi Desert.

Car at sunset

Day 26


Today you have to say goodbye. You leave the rugged desert landscape behind you and board your return flight from Windhoek.

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