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Madagascar Round Trip: Northern contrasts

Nature reserves and beach days | Duration: from 13 days

Best time to travel
April to November
Flight time
14 h from Frankfurt a.M.
from 4.545 € per Person excl. flights

Madagascar's northern contrasts

Evolution has occurred more or less in isolation on this remote island, with the result that much of its wildlife is found nowhere else on earth. Madagascar's menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures includes over 70 species of lemur, the world's largest and smallest chameleons and the almost extinct elephant bird. The island's landscape is no less fascinating, ranging from lush jungles and palm-fringed beaches to the razor-sharp stone forests of Bemaraha National Park. On this journey through the north of Madagascar, you will get a first impression of the incredible diversity of the country


viele Haeuser an Haengen gebaut

Day 1

Welcome to Madagascar

After your arrival in Madagascar, you will be taken to your hotel and have time to settle in. The capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, is affectionately known as Tana and is perched on a majestic mountain range at an altitude of around 1400 meters above sea level. The city has a rich historical heritage, which is complemented by picturesque landscapes and a large network of wonderful hiking trails.

brauner Maki mit Kleintier

Day 2 - 3


In the morning, take the time to explore Tana. Together with your guide, you will explore the old town, the palace of the king and other sights before setting off for Andasibe. The small village of Andasibe is located in eastern Madagascar in the Moramanga district and is surrounded by a belt of protected rainforest and several parks that offer incredible natural scenery and a variety of exotic Malagasy wildlife. It is an excellent base for exploring the spectacular scenery and various reserves and protected areas.

viele Haeuser an Haengen gebaut

Day 4

Back to Tana

The morning offers plenty of time to explore the reserves around Andasibe. In the afternoon, the journey returns to Tana.

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Day 5 - 6


In the morning you fly to the north of the island to Antsiranana - formerly known as Diego Suarez. From here you have access to the famous Amber Mountain National Park. This park, founded in 1958 and rightly described as a "biological treasure", aims to preserve the unique flora and fauna of the Diego Suarez region. It is home to a magnificent rainforest that is protected from any human influence and is home to a rich and flourishing complex nature. During this visit you can admire different forms of vegetation. The park is home to several species of lemurs such as the crowned lemur, the lemur fulvus, several species of birds and chameleons. These include the Brookesia - the smallest chameleon in the world.

rote Kalksteinformation aus der Luft fotografiert

Day 7 - 8

Ankarana Reserve

The Ankarana Reserve, about 100k from Joffreville, is another fascinating nature reserve known for its extraordinary karst landscapes and diverse wildlife. It is home to numerous caves, underground rivers and impressive limestone formations, the so-called "Tsingy". Particularly impressive are the Tsingy Rouge, a unique red rock formation created by erosion. These striking, pointed rocks offer a spectacular natural spectacle and are a popular destination for adventure and nature travelers. The Ankarana Reserve also provides habitat for numerous endemic species, including lemurs, reptiles and rare birds, and is a paradise for naturalists and photographers

Luftaufnahme von Meer und Strand mit reed-gedeckten Bungalows im Regenwald

Day 9 - 12

Relaxed beach days

Today the route takes you to your last stop - the region around Nosy Be. Enjoy the next few days on the beach.

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Day 13


Today it's time to say goodbye - you will be taken to the airport and have to say goodbye to the island world of Madagascar. We wish you a pleasant journey!

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