Onduli Ridge

Onduli Ridge, named after the region's resident giraffe, is situated at the foot of two south-facing granite cliffs. This location offers magnificent views of Namibia's highest mountain, the Brandberg, to the south and the scattered, cathedral-like granite island mountains to the north. The camp is designed so that the views of this extraordinary landscape can be enjoyed from as many places in the lodge as possible. Every room becomes a vantage point, whether from the bed, the desk or the bathroom, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. The camp exudes character and meticulous attention to detail. Food that tantalises the palate and exceptional activities complement a truly unforgettable stay


There are only six suites in total, all designed to be naturally ventilated by the gentle desert breezes, eliminating the need for conventional air conditioning. Each suite has spacious and comfortable double beds facing the private terrace. The sliding doors can be fully opened and the bed can be rolled out onto the terrace. Sleeping under the stars and being woken by the first rays of the sun - that's what Onuli Ridge offers. Due to the sparsely populated nature of Damaraland, there is hardly any light pollution here, which makes for one of the most beautiful starry skies in the world. Each suite has a private, spacious bathroom with rain shower (some suites have outdoor bathrooms).
Bett in einer Lodge mit offenen Schiebetüren
Terrasse und Schlafbereich der Suite
Badezimmer der Suite


At Lodge Onduli Ridge, you can expect a culinary experience that appeals to all your senses and tantalises your taste buds. The excellent restaurant offers a selection of delicious dishes prepared from fresh, local ingredients and includes both international and traditional Namibian cuisine. A special highlight are the pizza evenings, which are organised regularly. Under the clear Namibian sky, you can gather on the lodge's terrace to savour handmade pizzas fresh from the wood-fired oven. Accompanied by a glass of local wine or a refreshing drink, you can enjoy the evening in a convivial atmosphere and admire the backdrop of the spectacular Onduli Ridge landscape.
Gedeckter Tisch im Sand
Etagere mit Essen auf einem Tisch


Onduli Ridge is situated in a private concession in the Doro !Nawas Conservancy in the heart of Damaraland and only 20 minutes from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein. The landscape consists of rugged, folded hills, plains and wooded river valleys in a largely semi-desert and sparsely populated savannah. With some of the most magnificent views of Namibia's highest mountain, the Brandberg, and the typical cathedral-like granite island mountains of Damaraland, Onduli Ridge is within easy reach of other geological attractions such as Burnt Mountain, the Organ Pipes and Doros Crater. Named after Doros Crater, Doro !Nawas means "the place where rhinos roam" in the Khoekhoegowab language, and the area is home to desert-adapted black rhino, elephant as well as predators such as cheetah, leopard, lion, spotted and brown hyena.
Lage der Suite in den Felsen
Giraffenstatur und Treppen zur Lodge im Hintergrund


Onduli Ridge offers a variety of activities. For nature lovers and adventurers, there are exciting river and elephant drives where you have the opportunity to experience the fascinating wildlife of Damaraland up close. Experienced guides will lead you through the picturesque landscapes and give you an insight into the behaviour and lifestyle of the animals that live here. Excursions on foot or by e-bike are also an alternative. The nearby Twyfelfontein World Heritage Site is another highlight that you should not miss. This historic site is famous for its rock engravings and rock paintings, which are more than 6,000 years old. An absolute highlight for nature lovers is rhino tracking, which is offered for stays of 3 nights or more. Experienced guides take you on exciting excursions where you can observe the fascinating desert-adapted black rhinos in their natural environment.
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Pool mit Sonnenliegen und Sonnenschirm
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